Don’t Draft Defenses Early

By Anthony Knox
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Defenses win championships in real life. It was clear during Super Bowl 50 when the Denver Broncos defense dominated the game, and honestly won the game for Peyton Manning to be able to retire at the top of the mountain. If you watched the game, Peyton and the Broncos offense were terrible. The #1 defense in the NFL showed why they were #1.

Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) does not win you championships in fantasy football. Sure, you may end up with one like the Denver Broncos, which allows you to not have to change your D/ST at all during the Fantasy Football season (minus their bye week), but it should not be a top priority on draft day.

Too many people will draft the Denver D/ST in the single digit rounds in 2016. Maybe the D/ST will be as dominant as it was last year, but it’s not likely. After the Seattle Seahawks D/ST dominated all year in 2013 and remained good throughout the NFL playoffs and eventually ended up being a major part of the Seahawks Super Bowl 48 victory, they were terrible in 2014. Most people felt they would remain dominant and were drafting them as early as round seven that year. I don’t care how great a D/ST was the year before, no D/ST is worth drafting before the last couple rounds.

Take it from me, draft positional players like quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends before you even think about drafting a D/ST. You are likely going to drop the D/ST you drafted and pick up another one on the waiver wire by Week 2.

Follow my advice, draft your D/ST in the last two rounds. You’ll thank me later.